Marlena Begay is a rising Native American gospel and country recording artist. The last of eleven children, she was the “Miracle Baby” for her parents. Because it threatened her life to have another baby, Marlena’s mother was advised by the doctor to have an abortion. She refused. Today, Marlena is sharing her growing talent with everyone.


     In 1998, Marlena entered a contest in Nashville, Tennessee. A three song demo and a video were aired on a local television station within a seventy five mile radius. Viewers casted their votes and Marlena’s video proved to have had one of the highest ratings. She was asked to return to Nashville and record an album, but due to her financial situation, she could not make the trip.


     In the fall of 2000, Marlena released the “Don’t Worry” album. On this album she recorded three gospel songs and seven country songs. In May of 2001, Marlena opened for mainstream county star Billy Ray Cyrus in Tuba City, Arizona. Overwhelmed for the opportunity to open for Billy Ray, she was deeply moved when the crowd greeted her with open arms and asked her for pictures and autographs. In 2003 she was the Native American Music Awards winner for Debut Artist/Group of the Year.


     She has performed for weddings, graduations, banquets and church gatherings.