How do you create the greatest upset in Olympic History? How do you orchestrated one of the greatest races of the twentieth century?


Billy Mills did this by utilizing a value based concept on how dreams come true. Billy was able to unleash the positive passion within himself for personal achievement in sports and in life. His feat of creating the greatest upset in Olympic history by winning the 10,000 meter run has matured into legend status today.


     His value based concept on how dreams come true continues to inspire thousands of individuals around the world to reach within the depths of their capabilities and perform to the greatest of their potential. Billy understands just what choices it takes to become a champion, as depicted in the movie “Running Brave,” the uniquely uplifting story based on Billy’s extraordinary quest for excellence.


     Following his desire for sports and the “High of Self-Competition”, Billy achieved his goals by becoming an accomplished businessman and speaker. Billy Mills is one of the most sought after Olympic Keynote Speakers on the platform. His dynamic presentations have empowered entire audiences through a wide spectrum of emotions: laughter, tears, enthusiastic applause, ultimately ending in a standing ovation.