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Zonnie Gorman

Zonnie Gorman-Historian

Zonnie Gorman is a recognized historian on the Navajo Code Talkers of World War II. She is the daughter of the late Dr. Carl Gorman, artist, teacher and one of the original first twenty-nine Navajo Code Talkers.

Ms. Gorman has lectured extensively throughout the country, including several universities and colleges as well as N.A.S.A. Headquarters in Washington D.C., and the Museum of the American Indian in New York. She has appeared in several documentaries including the History Channel documentary, Navajo Code Talkers and the MGM double DVD release (historical documentary section) of the movie, Windtalkers.

Ms. Gorman will present a lecture on the history of the Navajo code Talker program that includes its inception in 1942, the development and testing of the original code by the first
twenty-nine Code Talkers, and its subsequent usage in the Pacific. She will also highlight honors received since its declassification in 1968. Navajo Code Talkers

You will learn not only about the vital role the Code Talkers played in World War II, but about the
pre-war social and economic conditions of the Navajo Nation, as well as something about the world view and philosophy of the Navajo people. The lecture is accompanied by both a short documentary video and power point slide presentation followed by a question and answer period.

(1-1/2 to 2 hour presentation recommended).


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