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native stars - excellence in native american performing arts
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Wes Studi and Firecat of Discord
  • Music Scored In:   "Bonnie Lookaway's Iron Art Wagon".
  • Featured:             Native American Music Festival in Tsaile, AZ.                            The Oneida Casino with Rita Coolidge.                            The Meskwaki Casino in Iowa.                            Native Roots & Rhythms in Santa, Fe, NM.

The group was formed in 1995 and has performed in Santa Fe and Northern New Mexico. Their unique mix of Country, Rock, Jazz and Native American has earned them a loyal and enthusiastic following.

Bass Player-Wes Studi, is best known for his acting roles in "Geronimo" and "Last of the Mohicans". His musical roots are Country-Rock and R&B with a Cherokee twist.

Lead Vocalist-Maura Dhu, is known for singing jazz and pop infused with ethnic rhythms.

Guitar and Vocals-Bruce King, has peformed in New York and Chicago and brings to the mix Rock with a touch of the Blues and a dash of Motown.

Viola Player-Gary Storm, a Native New Mexican, was a well known Disc Jockey in Buffalo, New York.

Lead Guitarist-James Sadoti, has played jazz, bluegrass, R&B and led the Jazz Trio Hip Talk.

Drummer-Bob Studi, has been a professional musician since his early teens. He formed the popular Oklahoma band "Cherokee Express".


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